Each week on the Women Power Podcast you will hear honest, vulnerable, authentic conversations from inspiring women. These women will share their experiences and stories into what it takes to build a successful business and career. The podcast will share insight and inspiration to which will allow you to achieve your highest potential.

The Women Power Podcast is also thriving and available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Sound cloud or any podcast player.

The type of content produced is focused on inspirational storytelling, motivational pieces and actionable resources.


The Women Power Podcast aims to engage with brands that share the same values and care about the advancement of women in the MENA region. 

According to EMNES, only 21% women are participating in the labour force in MENA region. Investing in women will boost the growth of the economy as a whole. Our goal is to reduce this gender gap by inspiring action and leading change. Other partnership benefits will include: 

Brand Awareness: Gain visibility among leading female-led companies, pioneer female entrepreneurs, young professional, investors and change makers in the MENA region

Audience Engagement: Reach a hyper-targeted audience that is engaged with the values the podcast symbolizes that include, growth and learning, ambitious and career driven successful women

Brand Positioning: Position your brand as innovative, forward thinking, gender inclusive and empowering

Lead Generation: Network, connect and engage with our target audience

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